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Le Baixu, soon in Brussels

You would love to discover an atypical place to have fun, to attend concerts, exhibitions, or conferences, who knows, to play or sing yourself, to exhibit your paintings or photos, or even to dedicate some of your time to cultural activities for the benefit of young people,  

You are ready, even from Liège, Paris, Lisbon, Dublin, or Rio, to support our initiative towards artists and young people,

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The Baixu is an old industrial building of 150m², located in Brussels, with a capacity of 120 people (standing) and 75 (seated).

Located in the basement of an architectural jewel, Tour et Taxis, the "industrial" aspect of this former customs warehouse has been preserved, while adding a touch of modernity and conviviality. #TOUR&TAXIS #project #jazzmusic #classicalmusic #socialimpact

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